Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you know who you married?

Wednesday afternoon our offices get a call asking for an investigator to go to an attorney clients office and speak with their client. We go out to the office and are met by an attorney and a young lady. The young lady starts telling a story, she has been married for approximately 7 years to a man that we will call John Smith. Through time she and John Smith have accumulated property and have also had children. Well in recent years my client and John Gonzales have had a falling out. He all of a sudden has become distant and extremely secretive. While cleaning she happens to find some documentation that indicates that her husband John Smith may be a different person name John Brown. She sees other documents that are property records and they show the name John Brown on them as well, they also have her name attached as his wife. The client confronts her husband who gets mad and an argument takes place, the client leaves her residence with her child. The husband changes the locks, closes up bank accounts and now has completely shut my client out. The husband does call to see the children, he sees them and takes them and refuses to give them back. The police are called, and the children are taken back home. The client's attorney advises that they need proof that the husband has falsely documented himself and acquired property through fraudulent means. The client happens to get a copy of the social security number that her husband was using and also the recorded property documents. A quick search of the social security number through our databases shows the clients husbands fake name with their shared real address, as well as some other properties, but it also shows someone else with a completely different name, this person who we will call Steve White also lives in the state where the social security number was issued from and from his residence history has resided there for the majority of his life, my clients husband resides in California several states away and is from a different country. After conferring with the client and the attorney it was decided that contact should be made to number one verify our findings and number two see if Mr. White would be willing to swear an affidavit and possibly pursue our client's husband for fraud. A telephone call was placed and as it turned out Mr. Steve White was an attorney, he was shocked at our findings and after verifying some things on his own, was more than willing to swear out an affidavit. The clients husband also probably will be having some problems with immigration at the next court date. 

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