Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Pre Marital Checks are Important and how they can save you more than just money in the end!

Recently we were contacted to conduct a background investigation on a subject who is scheduled to be married in the summer of 2012. Our client did not feel that some of the things that the subject was stating were correct. Our client had also heard some stories about the subject that made our client uncomfortable about subject and question the subjects integrity and state of mind. We conducted a background investigation on the subject and found out that the subject had a criminal record and was currently on probation, had multiple liens on their property, and it did not appear that the subject was doing anything to fix any of these issues. None of these things were disclosed to the subjects fiance and one of the criminal charges pertained to a violent act. Having a pre marital background check conducted on a future spouse can be a huge benefit. When we start dating we always put our best selves out there for others to see. How are we to know that the gentleman that holds the door open for you, buys you flowers, and enjoys spending time in your mothers kitchen, also was convicted for domestic violence, is behind on his child support payments, and is not as financially stable as you were led to believe that they are. We at Morrow Detective Agency have helped our clients obtain the answers to the questions that fell upon the deaf ears of their potential spouses. Please feel free to contact Morrow Detective Agency at or visit our website at We can be the solution to your problem!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Statistics show that one out of seven teenagers in the age range of 10 through 18 will have run away. The reasons for these adolescents running away vary from abuse, to drug use/need, parents not approving of their friends, feeling that their parents or their rules are too strict. Most runaway teens do it on impulse and dont make any plans. The best prevention is paying attention to the changes  the youth exhibits, show concern, ask questions, confront the trouble signs directly, talk to the youths friends parents, and  teachers, as they may have useful observations. If your teen has runaway make sure that you report them as missing with local law enforcement make sure that you give them a good description and not any significant marks such as tatoos, birth marks, scars etc.  This will put them in the National databases so that if they are picked up by law enforcement they will flag in the system and be taken into custody. Check previous cell phone records for any indication on who the teen has been communicating with, if the teen has access to a credit or debit card check the transaction records and see if there have been any new purchases. Check the computers at your residence  for any signs of social networking, blogs, or plans that the teen may have left behind. Contact parents of the friends of the missing teen as more than likely the missing teen will need friends as a temporary resource. Do not hesitate to contact the teens school and speak with teachers and other staff to see if there is anyone that your teen has been socializing with that you do not know about, ask to access their lockers to see if anything can be found. Another thing to take into consideration is the ex spouse or the teens other parents, depending on the dynamics of the relationship it is not unusual for the other parent to take illegal custody of the teen and run away. Make sure that you alert the community by putting up fliers with the teens pictures, placing adds in local papers with the teens pictures and information. Use social networking such as facebook, youtube, and other sites. 

We at Morrow Detective Agency hope that you or your loved ones are never faced with this situation, but if you are these tips can help you gather the information that will lead you to your loved one. 

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