Wednesday, April 15, 2015

She only wants what is best

It's Thursday and after a long day out in the field, we are wrapping things up. An email inquiry is placed with our company, I make a mental note to look at it tomorrow but being the workaholic that I have grown to be I look at the email. The email states: I would like to find my son's father, I believe that he still resides in the area. I need to find him as my 10 year old son is starting to have questions about him and desires to know him. The email has a telephone number and an email address attached. Well so much for wrapping it up for the night. I contact the potential client and she tells me a story, ten years ago the client gave birth to a wonderful son, however due to circumstances the client felt that it would be better to leave and attempt to raise her son on her own. As time goes by the client starts noticing that her son had inquiries about who his father was. The client swallowing her pride decided to do what was best for him and not herself. She wanted the father contacted, she was even willing to forgo the child support etc, all she wanted was her son to get the opportunity to know his father. 

After hearing her story, I immediately started working on the case. I found a phone number and as luck would have it the voice mail was a personal one and announced the fathers name. I left a message stating that I was reaching out to the subject on behalf of his son, his son wants the opportunity to know his father, the Mother is willing to allow for this to happen with minimal contact from her in order to see their son be happy. I leave my contact information and pray for the best. The following day, I hear nothing. I call again in the early evening and again there is no response. I leave another message. Of course at this time I am considering all of the things that could be, maybe the subject has married and has a family, that family does not know about his past and the subject does not want to jeopardize  what he has now built.  Maybe he thinks that I am trying to play a trick on him and take him for his money. Matters such as these are delicate, so after pondering  for awhile about what to do I come up with a plan. I have my client write a letter explaining what her intentions are, I also ask her to include her son's direct contact information so that the subject can get in touch with their son completely bypassing her. 

The following evening at 8:30 p.m., I and an associate go to the subjects residence. The residence is dark, there are no lights illuminating from within. I open the gate to the residence and knock, I take a couple of steps back as I do not want to intimidate the subject. I am hoping that the subject will see myself and my  female associate and not view us as a threat. The subject comes to the door. I introduce myself and see instant recognition in his eyes. The subject states so your the guy that has been calling me and I tell him yes I am. I then explain that his ten year old son is yearning to meet him, that being a father is the greatest experience a man can have, and that my client is willing for him to establish contact on his own accord. I also tell him that I hope that he does the right thing. I give him the letter, he accepts and as I turn to leave, he says " Thank you very much for doing this", he shakes my hand and says that he will be in touch with me if he is unable to get in touch with his son. My associate and I hurry back to the car and call my client who is located three hours from me, I risk upsetting the client to tell her the good news. The client immediately cry's tears of joy and thanks God for the opportunity. I tell her that I will be in touch if the subject contacts me but to keep her ears open just in case he calls on his own. 

Two days later I get a message, the subject reached out to his son. The son and the subject had spoken and had even exchanged pictures. My client is elated as she see's the picture of the subject and remarks how much he has changed and how happy she is for the both of them. I tell the client that I will pray for her and her family and that I hope to be able to continue to watch them grow. In the end this client only wanted what was best for her son, not for herself, not for the father, but her son. This unselfishness touched me personally. Now I get to sit back and watch them grow on my Facebook feed. 

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