Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reflections 2016

Happy New Year everyone, I know, we are a little late. But our sentiment remains the same. When one decides to become a private investigator you take on many different roles. You take on the role as a counselor. You take on the role as an advocate. You take on the role as a problem solver. And sometimes when things go right, you become your clients champion. 

As we reflect on our 2016 year, we realize how blessed we have been to close two decades old cold cases. Two foundlings, one of which was our own Rosie Morrow's case, and the other of a gentlemen who became not just a client but a friend. He saw Rosie's case on the news and enlisted our services to try and help him as well. We have helped in tipping the scales of justice by obtaining evidence that showed that the wrong person was being held behind bars for a crime that they did not commit.  We have caught those that attempted to cause fraud to our insurance system by claiming to be injured when they did not appear to be when they thought no one was watching. 

We have received the greatest gifts, photo's of clients that were reunited with their children after years of not seeing them and fighting to have those moments with them. We cherish these at the greatest compliment, knowing that God has decided to bless us with the opportunity to be an agent of change in these peoples lives. We have helped spouses who suspected that their spouses were cheating, delivering the bad news at times, but also sometimes delivering the good news that no infidelity was occurring. We have helped get people answers, whether they were the facts that they wanted to see or not. Small changes, but priceless to those that needed to know. 

While we reflect on the cases that we were able to bring to a successful conclusion, we have to acknowledge the ones that still remain cold. The cases whose folders still remain on our desktops as a constant reminder that we have not looked everywhere. They not only illuminate on our computer screens but also in our minds. A reminder that someone is still in pain, that their answers still remain unknown. 

One of those cases is that of a young woman who only has photograph of her father that she recently obtained from her mother. Her mother, who is not a fan of her search efforts for her father  only provided minimal information for she does not want to revisit that part of her life. Her Mother maybe knowingly or unknowingly, holds the key to unlocking the door that will lead us to her daughters father. 

We also think of an adoption case. A biracial woman who we assisted in locating her mother. Her mother a Caucasian woman from the south, lacked any empathy or desire to help her now grown up daughter. Shutting down and refusing to answer questions about the why, or also as importantly, the who her father is.  My client is hoping to connect with him. DNA may be the gateway for solving that case. That case is currently waiting for Ancestry DNA results to move forward. 

Already 2017 has presented us with the opportunities to reunite family, to help those that feel that justice has been fleeting. It has been a pleasure to be of service to those of you in 2016 and before. We appreciate you allowing us to be apart of your story. We at Morrow Detective Agency hope that you have a blessed and successful New Year!