Monday, August 31, 2015

When your wrong

On a Monday afternoon our offices receive a call from a client who is insistent that his wife is having an affair. The client believes that his wife is having an affair on her lunch break and that her lunch break is not set but usually takes place between 11-1, he asks if we would be willing to take on the case and we agree to look into the matter for him. First day of surveillance we set up where we can watch both the exit door as well as the vehicle, we sit until 1 and report to the client that there was no outside activity observed. The client understood and then requested that we come out to his residence in the morning as he believed that one of his neighbors was involved in the affair, we make arrangements with the client to be out at his residence in the morning for the following day. 

We get out at his residence at approximately 5:00 a.m., which is the time that he departs to go to work. We set up in an area where the back yard wall and the front of the residence can be observed. At approximately 7:15 a.m., the subject departs for work, we follow her to make sure that she is not making any stops in between, which she does not. She goes to work, exits her vehicle and does not socialize with anyone on the way in. We report back to the client who says that he is perplexed as he believes that she has been engaging in this activity for quite a while. 

We continue on conducting surveillance for the client for the next few days and find that the subject does not appear to be engaging in any adulterous activities. The client wanted us to go to the extreme one morning and wanted our investigator to hide in the bushes in his backyard to insure that his wife was not climbing any fences to get into a neighbors yard, we declined to do this. We explained to the client that maybe the affair has ended and that maybe he and his wife should go see a counselor. Now normally you would think that people are happy to hear that their suspicions may not be valid or that if they were they are no more, our client was not happy about this at all, in fact he insisted that his wife was still doing this activity and even reasoned that she may have built an underground tunnel to get to her neighbors in order to continue the affair. We did check his backyard and found no tunnels lol. 

Unfortunately, we rarely find out the outcome of our cases, we hope that this client took our advice for the sake of his family and got the therapy that he and his wife needed in order to build a stronger relationship minus the suspicions and espionage. 

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