Monday, November 30, 2015

She just keeps disappearing

We have written about these type of cases before, however this one has some differences. We were first contacted by this client at the beginning of the year, the client's ex wife was keeping a minor aged child from him, despite a court order stating that he has the right for visitation. The client's family had hired a different investigation company and they were unable to locate the woman. The client was able to subpoena the woman's records and found out that she was in the Southern California area. We immediately ran the woman through our databases but found nothing but old address information. When you are in these type of situations you ask who else would have this information? Does the subject have any close relatives or friends? Utilizing a pretext on the subjects Mother led us to her. We found her vehicle parked in front of a residence and after sitting and waiting around the subject came out accompanied by her and our client's child. We happily reported back to our client that we located the subject, the next few weeks our agency spent time serving her and other occupants of the residence. They go to court and our client is able to win more time as well as orders that she cannot withhold her residency information from the client. All is good...or so we thought.

A few months later we get another call from the client, the client needs for us to confirm whether the subject still resides at the address or whether she has moved. After several trips over to the subjects residence we finally make contact with a subject who confirmed that the woman moved a month and a half ago. We report back to our client of our findings, we again run the woman through databases, this time the databases showed her address that we had found, but due to her just moving a short time ago, they had not caught up to her new address. At this point the woman is investigator savvy, She knows the tricks of the trade, or at least how she was found last time, so a pretext to her and her relatives yielded no results. Now we have options, here, we can wait for the databases to catch up, we can sit and wait at a relatives house around the holidays and try and tail her from there, or we can wait for the mandatory visitation that she has to bring the minor to, and try and follow her home from there. We went with the third option, and the third option led us to place in the valley area. We happily report back to our client where the woman is now residing and more importantly, where his child is living when the child is not with him.

We often wonder why grown people would act this way? Outside of abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, or verbal, it is not ok to with hold a child from either parent. Even if that parent is falling short or late on child support. Surely if the tables were turned the mother of this child would not appreciate having to jump through hurdles in order to do what is her God given right, be a part of her child's life. So we present a question to you, do you think that this is ok, if so why, if not why?

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