Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Its not like what you think it is....its so much more.. and less

A lot of people often tell me what they think that they were meant to be an investigator.  Often times when I question them further I will hear their imaginations running wild about books, shows, or movies that had entertained them when they were kids. I got into this business when I was in my early twenties, I like so many others read mysteries ranging from Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, to Easy Rawlins. The latter being my first exposure to a minority private investigator in fictional stories. I thought that I one day would be solving crimes and chasing down crooks just like the heroes of the books that I read as youth. The truth of the matter is the times of Pinkerton's and Burns has changed. Private investigators for the most part work for attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, and private individuals. The calls can be anything mundane as conducting a surveillance on a particular building to so who comes and goes, going to a courthouse basement and sifting through case files to search for that critical piece of information that can help your client, or knocking on someones door to serve papers on them. None of these tasks sound sexy, but all of them are important in their own way. I am a general practitioner in this field, I work criminal defense investigations, insurance fraud cases, locate debtors, ex spouses, and family members that have never met before. I conduct surveillance on cheating spouses/partners who tell their significant other's that they are doing one thing but are in reality doing something else. I once had to follow a suspected spouse after being called and told that the spouse was going to be going out of town with some friends. I followed the spouse and they did go to the local bus station, and it could be argued that the person that met with them were in fact friends, but the physical interaction between the two was definitely not what most committed adults would like to see their significant other engaging in. I obtained the necessary videotape that was needed in order to show my client that the significant other was embracing someone else instead of embracing the truth. This case is not what Sherlock Holmes would be doing, Sam Spade certainly did not accept domestic cases. But these cases and the conclusions that they have can bring a peace of mind to the one that is tormented on whether they are going crazy because they think or feel this way. Take for instance the spouse that wants to believe that their significant other is staying out late for work and not coming home because they are trying to contribute to the family. They do not want to believe that anything else can be happening but they are noticing a change in the behavior and a sense of being protective over their phone and time that they were not exhibiting in the past. They hire Morrow Detective Agency  and find out that the spouse is telling a partial truth. They are working overtime but after work they are having a tryst with someone else at this person's house. Through our investigation they are able to see evidence of their significant other being in a place that they should not be, with someone that they should not be with, and doing things that they definitely should not be doing. No, these are not the cases that I read about as a kid, but these are real cases, the cases that get called in, the pain and anguish that these individuals are feeling is real and there feelings of elation at finding out the truth is what drives us to persist at getting the information that is needed for them.

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