Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Last week our offices received a call from a potential client wanting some background investigations done. The client had gotten divorced and had been speaking to some interested parties  via the internet for the past few months, now the interested parties have attempted to evolve the relationship into something else and my client wanted to know who they are before making that level of commitment.  The client  provided us with  two names. John Brown and John Smith. 

John brown we found out  was a convicted felon and born in Alabama  and settled in Tennessee. He was a career criminal having been convicted with robbery  and assault charges. 

John Smith  was found to be married and very much living in a different  state than was told to our client. Though  he had no convictions it was found that he had been born  in Washington.  

Why does it matter where  these individuals were born? Both of these individuals  stated that they were  born in Italy.  One of the individuals  stated that  he worked  in West Africa and that he had never been in any trouble. My client  was scheduled to pick up Brown from the airport  to be formally  introduced  and she was going to introduce  him to her minor aged daughter.

The bottom line is you never know who is on the other side of the screen. Make sure that you exercise due diligence before you send any money or introduce them to your family. 

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