Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cousin or not!

Locating people is often the most challenging and rewarding work that a private investigator can do, whether you are locating the person because they are a deadbeat parent or because they are a family member that has never been met. Recently I was hired to locate an individual for the purpose of reuniting them with another family member. My client had never met their siblings and asked for our assistance in being able to do so. After explaining to our client about the good ( they want to get to know you), the bad (they may have never known about you), and the ugly ( they don't want to know you), my client decided that they still wanted to take the chance. After locating the clients sibling and advising her about my client, the sibling was elated and could not wait to meet my client. The sibling knew about my client, but due to their differences in age and also location, my client resides on the west coast and the sibling resides in the mid west, she presumed that the meeting would never take place. After getting the siblings permission to reunite her with my client, I got the opportunity and the blessing to convey the good news. My client of course was very happy and I hope that she will one day meet with her relatives and grow with them. 

Sometimes people are not happy to be found, take for instance the guy that was running from my client and being evasive about where he could be located at. He purposely fed my client misinformation so that my client would always be wondering about where he is. Our offices get a call from this client's attorney and after doing some research figure out a way to locate the individual, the clients attorney gives us some papers to serve on the client and we are off to the races. I must add that in doing research for this client I found the guys facebook account with multiple photos of him, his girlfriend, and his children. I get to Long Beach where the guy is residing with his girlfriend, I check the mailbox and I don't see his name, but I do see his girlfriends name. While walking through his complex I see his girlfriend and she is talking to a neighbor. Instinct told me to slow my roll, wait, and observe. Sure enough after several minutes of gossiping the girlfriend goes upstairs to her unit. I follow, knock, and the door opens and standing before me is the girlfriend, I look through the heavy weed smoke and see the guy I am looking for sitting on the couch. I ask for him, the girlfriend asks me who I am, I tell her, and I also tell him, he of course try's to lie to me saying that he is her cousin and is not who I am looking for. But see people forget about smart phones, you gotta love smart phones, I open facebook and sure as the sun was shining is his face with the name that I was looking for with is profile picture all over it. I told him that life sure has some coincidences, but this isn't one of them. After laughing about being caught, he accepts the paperwork from me and even asked how he was found, I laugh and walk away. As I am walking away I hear him yelling and screaming at the girl who a moment ago was his cousin about not answering the door for people she doesn't know. 

Both of these cases I received some pleasure from, they helped my clients locate someone that they either wanted to know, or needed to get in touch with. We don't always find who we are looking for, but we do most of the time, and we always are happy to do a job well done, cousin or not. 

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