Monday, September 29, 2014


It's Friday late afternoon, the phone rings and a client is on the line stating that they need someone found and they need them found immediately. They have tried different companies, have spent a lot of money and have had no success. They are in a spot of desperation. Now given time anyone can be found, but time is not on this person's side. They have two weeks to locate and serve this person. So after hearing their plea and explaining that given the time constraint we cannot guarantee that the person will be located in time, they`understood and we accepted the task. A database inquiry was ran, but the information was outdated, still if possible sometimes going to the old neighborhood can be of some help. We do that and meet an individual that knew the person we were looking for, he advised that the person moved to the high desert area, he was certain of the town but could not provide any further information than that. The area where this individual moved to is one where people go to get away, its rural, loosely populated, and small. Well we like small, small can be of big help. The following day a trip is made to the local post office in town. The postal service was willing to help once the right forms were filled out. A good address was obtained, we attempted service but no one was home. The alarm was set for o dark thirty the following morning. The following morning we arrived at the residence, we noted that rottweiler on property sign and approached with extreme caution. A door knock was conducted and our subject answers, we explain to him why we are at his residence and also that our client has been searching for him. The subject expressed his surprise that he was located, but was extremely cordial and accepted the documents with no problems. Given the time, anyone can be found. And just because the information is outdated does not mean that it has no use, you just have to get out there and make it work for you. 

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