Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We can only guarantee efforts, not results!

An investigator is called when something has gone wrong, a client needs someone found quickly, papers need to be served asap, a cheating spouse needs to be watched because they are about to leave the house in ten minutes. As an investigator you learn to adapt to these changes, you try your best to do what you can, but sometimes no matter what you do, things don't work out. 

A client calls, they are about to go to court, they need a person to testify that the defendant is lying. They have court in 18 days, the witness needs to be served at least 15 days before the date. They aren't sure where the witness is living at.  This is the assignment. We explain to the client that we are great at locating individuals, that we are also great at serving papers on them, but we cannot guarantee that it will be done in the time that they need it done. The client states that they understand and they need us to try our best. First thing we do is locate the person, we verify that the person is residing at the address. The area is out of our range of investigation, we advise the client that we have found the defendant, but due to where the defendant resides there will be an extra charge as service of processes can take time and multiple efforts. The client states that they are low on income and they cannot afford for us to do it. We explain to the client that we understand and that we will get a server in the area to help them out. We make the arrangements, but we also find out that the defendant lives in a guarded gated community, we explain to the client that this in itself will present another challenge and that time is not on our side. The client again says that they understand. A few days go by, the server advises that they have attempted to serve the defendants but have been unable to serve them. They state that the client is going to have to file a continuance and that they will redo the service at no additional charge. We relay this information to the client. Of course the client is not happy. The client states that for the amount of money that they paid, they thought that we would do the service ourselves. Again we remind the client what our companies fee would have been had we taken the service, and we also remind the client how much they paid for the service. Our company's goal is to do everything within the law and reason to assist a client in getting the information and results they need, but we can never guarantee that we are going to get those results. We cannot know whether the person a client believes is cheating is in fact going to cheat. We cannot guarantee that a claimant is faking their injury, or that a person is going to be home at 7:00 p.m., all we can do is be there when we say that we will and do what we say we are going to do. No matter how good you are, no one in this business can guarantee results, if they do they are lying to you. Things happen that are out of our control. With this particular client, we had to apologize, we reminded them that they were informed of the time issue as well as the challenges. We wanted to accommodate the client, though we knew that there was a margin for not being successful the first time around. It reminded us that we are dealing with peoples lives, and that they depend on us to do. Sometimes though, we can only do what we can. 

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