Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A father that never forgot and a daughter that never quit

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a private investigator. I read the mystery stories of Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Phillip Marlow, and Easy Rawlins. I liked how the protagonists in these stories were able to affect the world around them. As I grew up and started doing this work in real life, I learned that even though the stories I read sensationalized  the world of the Private Investigator, I too could help to change the world around me, even if it is just a small part of it.  

Morrow Detective Agency got a call from a client, a young lady that was interested in locating her father. The young lady through unfortunate circumstances was placed in the foster care system as a young girl and though she grew up healthy, seemingly happy, and loved, she felt that a piece of her was missing.  The client through her own intelligence and diligence was able to find her mother, but she was unable to locate her father.  The client needed the help of Morrow Detective Agency to become closer to being whole again. The client's mother was young and unfortunately did not have that much information about the clients father. She only had a name and a time frame of certain events, and of course the rumors that you hear over the years. I started this search by going through the traditional databases that investigators have access to but had no luck. I called every phone number for every potential subject but none of these men turned out to be my clients father. 

So after hitting this brick wall I did what every investigator has to do, I started again from the beginning. I searched court documents and finally found one  this one contained an alias for my clients father. I plugged in the alias but found nothing in the databases...feeling undeterred I continued. The clients mother had heard something about the clients father moving to Washington state.  I searched social media sites and bingo I found a man that resembled my client. He had the same nose, eyes, and mouth. This gentleman had not been on his sites since 2012 but fortunately had left his friends list open. After searching through the list we were able to locate some relatives. The traditional databases allowed for us to contact these relatives by telephone. An associate Gabby Kelpe was able to translate and effectively get through to the clients family that we were not trying to trick them. Also it helped that one family member relayed a story to us. Back in the mid 2000's the clients father tried to find his little girl, he through his own search was able to locate a foster parent but my client had already been adopted. The foster family was able to later get in touch with my client and tell  her this story.  Now all of the pieces of the puzzle connected. We provided our clients phone number to the family who said that they will do everything they can to get in touch with the clients father, he moved out of the country. 

Three days later our offices receive a call from our client, she has spoken to her father who is residing out of the country. The clients father told her that he was pleased that she was able to locate him, that he thought about her often, never forgot her, and always loved her. The client and her father exchanged messages of joys, intentions of getting together and hopefully building a bond that will never break again.  

I guess some of the stories I read as a kid did have it right, sometimes we can be called to do something that changes a persons world. We now can see a branch of the family tree grow more leaves as it becomes reconnected. 

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