Friday, November 21, 2014

There is no traffic on the extra mile

A lot people want the quick result. They want the no effort win. But to truly succeed and do something well, you have to be willing to put in the extra effort. Your going to have to go the extra mile. 

Our offices were contacted in order to serve papers on a subject that had seemed elusive. The other party that attempted service stated that they were unsuccessful after numerous attempts. They tried the subjects residence but found it to be vacated, they tried the subjects office but found that it was never open. They gave up after that. Our offices often get the services that other's have given up on. When I first started working on the file, I started at the beginning. Day one  I verified that the house had been vacated, I spoke with neighbors and they sad that the family may have moved to Glendale. Day two I went to the subjects place of business and I found that it was not open. There was no one around but since I had started early I figured that I could get some lunch and come back. I went to Shakey's pizza ( I love mojo potatoes) ate and went back to the office. The office was still closed but there were other offices surrounding the subjects. One person was exiting his office, I approached him and asked for the subject by name. The man advised that the subject had moved his office upstairs, he gave me the unit number. I go to the office and note that a man is sitting at his desk, I ask for my subject by name, the man confirms that he is my subject I give him the paperwork. Case closed. This situation could have been resolved had the previous servers asked the neighbors, asked the fellow business owners. But more often than not, some don't. 

Another example of this, in my earlier P.I. days I had to track some witnesses down for a case, the case regarded a man that was being accused of molesting some children. One potential witness in particular was extremely difficult to locate. I started calling, no answer, I sent emails, no answer, I went to his home, no response. Now here is the brick wall, it is reasonable and probably rational to give it up here. But that is not what I do, I did not get into this work to do something easy. So the answer was the obvious one, though not the most exciting. I waited outside the witnesses house for 7 hours before he came home. The witness was surprised to see me but did give me a statement, a statement that changed the pace and setting of the case. 

So there you have it, perseverance, not giving up, being persistent. Doing the extra will get you results. You may not win all of the time, but don't let the reason why you lose be because you did not put in all of the necessary  and sometimes the unnecessary efforts. 

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