Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If at first you don't succeed.

Detective work is full of trial and error. I once spoke with an investigator by the name of Josiah Tink Thompson, he told me that detective work is also full of luck, his parting statement to me was I hope that you are lucky. My experience has shown that it definitely is a blend of the two. Case and point. Our agency was hired to conduct surveillance on a particular subject in an effort to prove that this subject was utilizing a vehicle they were not supposed to be using, and also working when they stated that they are not. The first day of surveillance we get there at an appropriate time and we sit and wait. About an hour after our arrival our subject departs, we give the subject some time to move into traffic and then join into the flow of the morning transportation. The first fifteen minutes of the surveillance went as planned, but suddenly our subject gets off of the freeway, travels onto the surface streets and makes a crazy U turn, in our experience the subject is getting hinky. We let the subject go not wanting to add onto the subjects paranoia. We call our client and advise of what happened. Our client later reports to us that the subject called and stated that someone in the family was attempting to follow the subject. Apparently the person in the family drove the same type of vehicle as our subject and our subject knows that this person is watching them. Our client laughed as the they knew that the investigator and the relative did not resemble each other in the slightest way. We advised a cooling down period and we would attempt at a different time. 

Two weeks later our investigation continues. We get at the surveillance location in the early morning, we wait, and wait, and wait, but no movement from the subject. We decide to go out again, and we wait, and wait, and finally there is some movement by the subject. The subject gets onto the freeway and our investigator followed. Anyone that lives in California is familiar with the 405 and the horrible traffic that it has. Our subject was on the 405 and now the words I hope your lucky took a definitive meaning. Our subject drove like a person on a mission, weaving in and out of lanes with only minimal space to merge, the subject caused cars to slam on brakes, horns to blare, and hand gestures of all kinds to come out of windows. Our investigator followed the subject for approximately thirty minutes before exiting the freeway. The subject travels at a decent pace on the surface streets and finally lands at a building, the subject parks in the lot. Our investigator gives the subject a moment to get together, our investigator was able to take some photos of the subject exiting the vehicle, and we were also able to show that the vehicle the subject was using was not the one that they were supposed to be using. The subject entered into their work place without giving our investigator a second look. 

We have said it in the past and we will say it again here, persistence and patience will win out nine out of ten times. Trying to make things happen in case can cause the case to fall apart instead of working the case in its own pace. Now our client will be able to utilize the evidence to prove that this person is lying and is doing things that they should not be doing. 

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