Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Are you really a pizza man?

Stop me if you have heard this before. A client needs someone served and they need them served now, the last time they tried to serve the guy he was evasive and they were not able to get it done. They have tried the sheriff, they have tried another server, but now they are going to try you. 

These calls are common, we receive them all the time. Now when the subject knows that the client is out to get him, you have to resort to subterfuge and out of the box thinking. Every good investigator/server has a few tricks up their sleeves. We at Morrow Detective Agency have invested in costumes just for these occasions. Costumes allow for you to get through the guards, it allows for you to get within reach enough to get the job done. We get a service out in the Glendale area, we have been warned that this guy probably wont answer the door and that he never answers for anyone and they have not been able to get him and he needs to be served within the next 15 days. So we dig into our bag of tricks and pull out our pizza man costume. Pizza men/women are out every night driving down streets and knocking on doors, and most people answer for them. So we go to the subjects residence and the neighborhood is dark, after walking and even knocking on the wrong door (the neighbor opened the door for us and even pointed us in the right direction) we happen to come up to the walkway right as the subjects wife closes the door. We knock and the wife answers, we ask for the subject and the wife yells for the subject and even adds why did you order a pizza when you knew I had food cooking? The subject looks confused as he approaches our pizza man. The subject is then told that this is not a pizza delivery but a legal document delivery, we give the subject his paperwork and he is not happy, not all. He then ask's are you really a pizza man? We smile and tell him not under normal circumstances, but these were not the normal circumstances. The subject still dazed about the situation shakes his head, asks for the name of our company which we give him, he bids us goodnight and our job has been accomplished. 

Our client was extremely happy about this service. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to think outside the box, or maybe even bring one in order to get the job done. 

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