Tuesday, March 17, 2015

He never knew

Morrow Detective Agency takes three pro bono cases a year. This is our way of giving back to the community. The cases have to meet certain criteria, the person may not have the means to finance an investigation, the investigation has to be something that will help better the clients life, and of course it has to be something that we can do. Our investigator Steve Morrow was contacted by a potential client, this client who is in her thirties had never met her father. She only knew bits and pieces of what was told to her while she was growing up. In one story she heard that her Father may have worked at a restaurant here in Simi Valley. Another story was that he may have been living among friends while being out here. All our client knew for sure was a name. She did not know how old he was, whether he had any siblings, what type of work that he did. Oh and she also knew that her father had no idea about her. She heard that her father had partied pretty hard back in the day and her Mother decided that he may not have been in the right frame of mind to take on fatherly duties. All my client really had of him was a picture but one that did not show his face. 

We accepted this case and started working on it from the beginning. We contacted the restaurant but hit a dead end, none of the people knew the man, and the previous owners from the late 70's early 80's had passed on. We ran a database search and called all of the men that fit the criteria but were unsuccessful. We even looked at yearbooks from around that time frame and contacted the people with matching last names, but were unlucky in locating him. Obviously we were going to need more information, and our client was reluctant to speak with her Mother given the circumstances, we could understand her trepidation in doing so. So we interviewed other family members, ones that may have remembered the guy, or heard things about him. One family member in particular recalled that her Mother hung out with him and said that he was around the same age of her Mother. This information by itself was not enough, but it did help in narrowing our search field. Finally our client, after being coached by our investigator spoke with the direct source of information, her Mother. Her Mother did not disclose much but did mention that her Father only lived in Simi for a short while and was originally from the Burbank area. With this new information we were able to go through old information, that old information led us to more current information. Eventually we were able to narrow our pool down to someone that we were 90% sure was our clients father, a look at his Facebook picture cemented our theory. 

Now comes the most delicate part of the investigation, the reaching out to the subject and telling them that they are being searched for by a relative that they have never met and maybe never even knew that they had. We contacted the gentleman in the morning. We told him who we were and explained why we were calling. The subject confirmed that he was in Simi at the time our clients Mother was dating him, he even recalled dating the clients Mother but recalls that it was not for long. The subject stated that he heard that she was pregnant but when he saw her she did not say anything to him about our client possibly being his child. He never knew that he had a daughter out there. The subject was elated, he had always felt that he was selfish for not having any children and it had grown to be one of his deepest regrets. With our clients permission we provided a photo of the client to the subject who said "she is mine, look at that nose." It took a little while but our client reached out to her Father. It almost seemed like fate as my client would be visiting her in-laws that lived in the same area as her Father.  Our client met up with  her Father and they had a great meeting. Our agency is pleased to watch this family connect and grow through Facebook, seeing the photos and hearing the stories of the client and her Father's similarities has reminded us of the great work that investigators can do. 

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